Hand-crafted Items

JK Farming is owned and operated by Kassandra Dickerson.

Kassandra is also a member of the Shingle Springs Band of Miwok Indians located in Northern California. Kassandra's passion for sustainability and ethical treatment of animals comes from a deep-rooted love and respect for all living things. Native Americans utilized every part of animals that they harvested in order to show their gratitude and respect for all living creatures that the Creator placed on this earth. 

When we harvest an animal at JK Farming, every part of them is used. They are thanked for the sacrifices that they make in order to provide us with nutrition, clothing, and other items. 

In particular, when rabbits are processed, their hides are tanned, and every single part of them is used. Rabbit furs are used in traditional hand crafted items which Kassandra and her sister, Victoria, create, bless, and make available for the public to purchase. 

Items include hand-crafted and custom dream catchers, specialty items, handmade handbags, medicine bags, and pouches, and gift items such as traditional Talking Sticks, Prayer Wells (wishing wells), and more! Each item is custom made and availability is extremely limited. Items are sold at local Farmer's Markets, Powwows, and Big Time Celebration events throughout Northern California. 

Available Items can be found at our FaceBook Page's Album: "KV Hand-Crafted Traditional Miwok Items" at www.facebook.com/jk.farming  

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