Whole rabbits come in two sizes, "fryers" and "large". 

  • Fryer rabbits are younger, leaner, and more tender. These are perfect for frying in a cast-iron skillet, or marinating and tossing on the grill. 
  • Large whole rabbits are young adult rabbits that have reached a larger size and will easily feed a family of 4 a healthy meal. These are perfect for roasting, frying, or smoking.


Fryers: $30/ea

Large: $40/ea

$5 processing fee. 

Rabbit Cuts

Whole Rabbit

Rabbit Cuts include the following:

  • Bone-in Saddlebacks
    • (Backbone and backstrap)
  • Tender Loin
    • (Backstrap de-boned)
  • Hind Leg Quarters
    • (Thigh and leg)
  • Front Leg
    • (Rabbit "wings")


Saddlebacks: $12 ea (package of 1)

Tender Loin: $16 ea (package of 2)

Leg Quarters: $15 ea (package of 2)

Wings: $10 ea (package of 6)

$5 processing fee

The Advantages of Rabbits
Rabbits have been raised for meat for centuries, their adaptability to various environments allows them to be raised all over the world. Rabbits are a great source of protein for you and your pets' diets. Rabbits can be cooked in hundreds of ways, and in thousands of recipes. 

How we do it?

We have found that using proven good bucks on our hand-selected does has given us the best product we can offer to our customers and for ourselves. Whether it be their child's next State Champion 4-H rabbit, a homesteader's next investment on replacement stock, or a couple who want to get back to the basics of raising their own organic, natural, and healthy food supply, we are able to pair our customers with the correct animals so as they can get the most out of the animal they are purchasing. 


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